Mini wave art

Mini wave art

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Bronze and walnut work of art
Unique piece with certificate of authenticity
Designed by the artist Mafer Salinas, this work of art is embodied in bronze and walnut wood.

About this work:

Each piece is inspired by nature, energy and life.
The elements are sketched for a couple of weeks until the version that best expresses what Mafer is looking for is found.
After the sketch, it is developed in an artisanal way, through carpentry , metal finishes, lacquer, mirror and final details leaving it ready for display.

Specifications of the work:

  • Includes all installed parts visible on the wall.
  • Each piece has marked holes on the back to install them with dowels.
  • The work includes an installation guide to place each piece in its place.
  • We recommend the help of a carpenter for installation, due to the weight of the pieces.

    About delivery:

    This work is unique and has a delivery time of 5 to 10 days.

    The shipment is specialized for artwork, to ensure that the state of the work remains in perfect condition after its transfer.

    Map of the work:

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